Lakes & Ponds

Proper construction is essential for lake building. You have to know how to run the earthmoving equipment, but something that is more important and rarely found is a construction company that knows exactly how to build a lake. There are many ways inexperienced lake builders can go wrong. The dam must contain the right dirt filled the right way to seal water. Seepage can be expected from all types of soil. There are methods of reduceing seepage that can be put into action if neccessary and if the budget allows. We try to mostly work with dirt onsite because that is more economical, but on some property there is no good dirt to seal water so extra drainage systems or sealing material may be required. Erosion control, proper drainage, and overflow systems must exist. Reconstructing an improperly constructed lake is almost always more expensive than the initial lake construction. Lassiter Construction is known for the proper construction of beautiful lakes in central Alabama.

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