Lakes & Ponds

First, we would like to state that we use the terms "lakes" and "ponds" interchangably for the same thing which is common around Alabama. In the begining, we built many ponds to simply hold water for livestock. Lakes were mostly a functional item to act as a water resevior on farms. Now many ponds we build are for pleasure and beauty. Lakes, and water in general, tend to be one of the things in nature that relaxes people. Just picture sitting on your porch and looking at the gentle waves of the water during a fall breeze and sunset. Maybe you are seeing a hamac nap in the shade by the waterside with a foutain lulling you to sleep. Sounds a lot like a vacation doesn't it? Lakes obviously offer things such as fishing and swimming as well. When properly built, a lake can easily add more value to your land then the cost of the lake itself. A lake can turn a low flat poorly drained piece of land into a beautiful, well drained, unique potiential home site.

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