Roads & Subdivisions

Our company has experience in building roads for private or public use. We have done countless private driveways making land accessible as well as new road projects for counties or private individuals developing land. Lassiter Construction strives to make the most of the land available by designing roads to save trees and create the best drainage possible. On several projects, we have designed the road on a piece of property first and asked the engineer to come in later to survey the road for the total layout. Sometimes roads or subdivisions are designed almost exclusivly in an office which makes it hard to take advantage of the natural vegetation and scenery the land offers. We design the road while looking at the land to make the most of the land's original beauty. The goal is for the finish product to look smooth and natural, flowing with the land. A few subdivision roads we have built are listed below.

  1. Glynlakes - located in Pike Road, AL
  2. Old Pike Plantation - located in Matthews, AL
  3. Merrywood - located in Pike Road, AL
  4. Ridgeland Farms - located in Snowdoun, AL
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